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Why window treatments are essential to floors

Window coverings serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. They protect your floors and furnishings because the sun's UV rays can wreak havoc with floors and furnishings, causing fading and even color changes. From a design point of view, they add visual interest and make a room look finished, unlike a left uncovered window.


What UV rays do to floors

1. The sun’s rays cause fading and color changes. This is especially so with the darker hardwood floors and some laminate flooring that isn’t treated with aluminum oxide. The sun also makes vinyl prone to yellow spots, but it’s easy to prevent that. Ask your flooring expert for advice.

2. Carpeting, as is any textile or upholstery, is vulnerable. Tile is an excellent heat conductor, which can benefit when it keeps you cool, absorbing it and transferring it to your body. However, it also works the other way because tile bakes in sunlight, and heat will be absorbed and transferred. As a note, please remember that most blinds, shutters, and shades can be motorized, so even if you're at work when the sun is strongest, you can control them from afar.

3. While not flooring per se, damaged appliances can affect flooring since they are attached to subfloors. When they become damaged, they can also damage the subfloor. Eventually, the appliances will need to be replaced, which might mean that part of the surface floor will have to be torn up to get them out. They also run longer and hotter, which heats the room and can damage the surface floor.

Other reasons for the importance of window treatments

1. They control a room’s temperature. Some blinds, shutters, shades, and even draperies provide insulation, a benefit, especially if your windows are older. They keep the room climate controlled without leaks from heat or cooled air. This ensures that different areas stay comfortable.

2. They have visual appeal. Some, especially vertical blinds and shutters add architectural interest. If you want to establish a particular tone or atmosphere, a window treatment will play a significant part. As an example, draperies can create a dramatic effect.

3. They provide privacy and safety. No one wants people peering into their bedroom or bathroom, and you certainly don't want people to know if you're not home. Since most can be motorized now, you can control it from any location. Here is an interesting fact: In some parts of the country, a closed shade or drawn blind signal that it's past the time for any guests to drop in unexpectedly.

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