Norman’s Interiors is your destination for countertops. We offer a variety of countertop surfaces for kitchens and baths. There are a choice of back splashes and edging available that can be customized for your project. With the selection of countertop options we offer, you are sure to find one that fits your needs, style and budget.

Choosing the right countertop surface can be a bit confusing, but with a little guidance the choices become quite simple. Our most popular choices are: Granite, Quartz and Laminate. Each has their own beauty and durably.

Quartz is an engineered stone that looks very similar to granite, in appearance. It is the most durable counter surface available and very low maintenance, it never needs to be sealed!

Granite is a beautiful natural stone that comes straight from the earth. The choices of colors and veining is extensive. Each individual and unique. Granite does need to be sealed about one time a year to keep it more stain resistant.

Laminate is a great choice when a project is on a tighter budget. Laminate comes in many choices of color, and high definition stone finishes. You also have many choices of edging options. With laminate you can get the look you want without breaking your budget.

Come in and take a look at what we at Norman’s Interiors has to offer. We are here to help! We’re sure you’ll find just the right product for you!