Can you float waterproof flooring?

Can you float waterproof flooring?

Yes, you can–and that’s the most popular way. However, some people prefer to glue down their waterproof flooring

What’s a floating floor?

First, know that waterproof flooring is cut into tile-sized squares or planks. When floors float, pieces click together to mat and then hover over the subfloor–without nails or glue.

Is underlayment needed?

The floors are impenetrable to liquid and don't need a moisture barrier. You might want an underlayment anyway.

Underlayments also reduce noise, help eliminate drafts and add extra cushioning. The latter makes it a lot more comfortable, especially if your subfloor is an existing hard surface or concrete.

Advantages of a floating floor

You can pick up the pieces to take with you. Unlike the glue-down method, the waterproof vinyl flooring has little or no damage, where they get shredded and cracked when pulled up.

It’s also fast and easy, making for a less expensive installation.

Why do I need to acclimate it?

Yes, all vinyl needs acclimation. There are microscopic air holes that vent.

When the air is humid, the material can expand. It can also shrink when the air is dry.

That wreaks havoc on the clicking mechanism associated with floating floors. It can also throw a floating floor off-balance. It's infrequent, but why take chances?

The floors need to adjust to a new environment, even if your waterproof floors in Newberg, OR, are stored in a facility just down the street. The climate may be very different from that of your house.

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