Best cleaning tips for laminate flooring

Best cleaning tips for laminate flooring

Choosing and installing laminate flooring in Newberg, OR, is an exciting opportunity to create a beautiful new flooring and décor match. The product line also provides many other benefits, with durability and a reasonable lifespan.

If you’re new to the laminate line, you may wonder how it can benefit you and your household. Here are some tips to ensure the best cleaning practices for this superb flooring choice.

Regular cleaning requirements

It’s important to sweep and mop daily, or as necessary, to ensure your floors aren’t scratched by dirt and debris. If your home is active, you may have to do routine laminate flooring maintenance more often, and with less traffic, less often.

In the case of spills, clean them up as soon as possible to ensure they do not damage your floor’s surface. Choosing a protective layer that fits your needs is essential, but quick cleanup is the best way to protect your floors and extend their lifespan.

Deep cleaning

When deeper cleaning is necessary, use only products recommended by your product's manufacturer, or contact us for advice. We'll give you tips and information on cleaning your regular and waterproof laminate flooring for the best results.

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