What is the role of carpet flooring padding?

What is the role of carpet flooring padding?

You'll hear about many options as you search for the perfect carpeting. But one thing that is never optional is carpet padding.

This vital piece can make all the difference in your flooring experience. And the more you find out about it, the better choices you can make when you shop.

Carpet padding facts to get you started

Carpet padding comes in several varieties and thicknesses. You'll find out more about that by asking for more details.

The padding not only adds to the comfort of the flooring underfoot. It also helps reduce bunching and wear as well.

The proper padding can help keep your carpeting from premature wear. In addition, it helps protect your floors in other ways to cater to the performance and lifespan.

The proper padding can help with vacuuming

The proper carpet padding helps to increase vacuum suction by allowing more airflow. That's why regular cleaning can help your carpet floors to last longer.

Increased insulation

Padding can also add to the insulating properties of your carpet. This is because it retains your cool air in the summer, and it does the same with warm air in the winter.

The result is an energy bill that's lower because your floor covering isn't losing heat or air. And you'll see the results sooner than you might think.

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