Carpet textures: Plush, Saxony, and cut-pile

Carpet textures: Plush, Saxony, and cut-pile

Carpet is a popular floor covering because it warms the floor, provides cushioning, and adds a colorful, attractive, and textured element to room decor. It's most popular for stairs, basements, and bedrooms. You can find a perfect carpet for one of these locations and much more at Norman's Floorcovering. Our carpet store is located in Newberg, Oregon.


Manufacturers loop fibers onto a backing to create carpeting, and then these loop pile styles are cut at the tips to create cut pile styles. The term 'pile' refers to the density of the fibers and the height of those fibers. In general, low pile carpet has dense, short fibers. As a result, dirt does not become embedded in this most durable style of carpeting, so it is easy to clean.


Saxony is a traditional cut-pile style with evenly cut fibers at a medium height, which means fibers measure about ½-inch. The dense and soft carpeting has a formal and timeless look. High-quality Saxony carpet is made of nylon, the most popular fiber. Wool and triexta, a newer fiber, are also very durable. The best brands can be expected to last up to 25 years.


Plush carpeting is another time-honored favorite that has a formal look. This floor covering is even softer underfoot than Saxony. The even fibers are not quite as long, and those fibers are denser. This versatile style of carpeting is available in many different solid colors. It's easy to judge the quality of plush carpeting since the best brands have a very uniform color.

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